Hot & Dusty Photography Invitational

Silent Auction 2022


Lost City Museum is dedicated to preserving Moapa Valley’s past through its artifact storage and conservation. However, it is running out of room! In recent years, storage areas have become more crowded. In order to plan for a future where the museum can continue to accept Moapa Valley’s cultural resources, proceeds from the silent auction will continue to raise funds for design and construction of an on-site storage facility.

The silent auction will be held at the Hot & Dusty Photography Invitational closing reception on August 27, 2022 at 6 pm. For more information about the exhibit and call for photographs visit the link in this paragraph.

Donations and proceeds from last year’s silent auction have raised $2577 towards an estimated 2.1 million needed for this project. It would entail at 3,500 square foot rectangular building surround by sidewalk on three sides. 900 square feet would be dedicated to a workshop with a garage door for access. The remaining 2,600 feet would be allocated to collections storage. In the collections room, there would be three workspaces and a large worktable. Moveable shelving would be installed to house 1,000 square feet of collections. This work area would be humidity and temperature climate controlled. For accessibility, this work area would have a restroom.

Staff have begun gathering donations for this silent auction. So far, exclusive staff packages are available such as a personal bone-ID workshop for up to four people, coffee with the Museum Director, and a Curator-led tour of the museum and its collections. Additionally, we have fine art donations such as “Buffalo Dreamer” in oil by Tammy Nielsen-Symons, “Fort Huachuca” watercolor by Lynn Rigoni, and four hand-stamped woodblock replicas of “Sabbatical in a Chicken Suit” by Gig DePio.

Stay tuned. As more items are donated, they will be added to this webpage.

Have something to donate for the silent auction, or want to donate directly to this fund? Email or call 702-397-2193 x 0






Fort Huachuca signed print 5/25

Fort Huachuca was a US Army outpost in Arizona founded in 1877. Rigoni depicts its historical elegance in this watercolor painting. Signed print 5/25 by Lynn Rigoni. This print is matted (white) as shown in the picture.

Valued  at $125, opening bid is $100.







Buffalo Dreamer- Tammy Nielsen-Symons

Tammy Neilsen Symons depicts an Indian Chief contemplating a buffalo. This original oil painting is ready to put up on your wall in a wood frame.

Valued at $250, opening bid is $225.





Gig Depio- Sabbatical in a Chicken Suit prints

Hand stamped and signed sabbatical in chicken suit prints (2015). Four available in red, blue (2), and light blue. These will be auctioned individually.

Valued at $100, bidding starts at $85





Coffee with the Director

Enjoy a coffee and a conversation with Mary Beth Timm, Museum Director, in Overton or Las Vegas.

Valued at $50, opening bid is $40.






Curator of Archaeology led tour of the Lost City Museum

 Join Curator of Archaeology, Virginia Lucas, on a private tour of the Lost City Museum. This tour features all three galleries as well as the behind-the-scenes collections areas, and you will see artifacts that are not on display for the public. Because Ms. Lucas’ research focuses on the prehistoric Moapa Valley, she will be able to provide much insight into the artifacts as well interpretations of the sites located on the museum grounds. 1-6 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $100. Bids start at $75.




Bone ID Workshop

 Join Zooarchaeologist Virginia Lucas for a bone ID workshop. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to identify types of bones as well as the animals that they came from. We will also learn how bones were used as tools in the archaeological record and see examples of these tools here at the Lost City Museum. Participants can also try their hand at a bone identification quiz as well as identifying fragments of bones. Participants will also see examples of archaeological bone assemblages still needing to be identified. 1-4 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $150. Bids start at $90.



Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum  Mug

A travel mug for the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum. This mug is not available for purchase now that the museum store has closed. This museum focuses on the history of aviation within Clark County and is located within Terminal Two of McCarran International Airport. Website:

Valued at $29. Bids start at $19.

Check back for updates