Hot and Dusty Fine Art Invitational Silent Auction



Silent Auction is online from September 30, 2021 at midnight until 8 pm on November 1, 2021. Click here to view! 

Lost City Museum is dedicated to preserving Moapa Valley’s past through its artifact storage and conservation. However, it is running out of room! In recent years, storage areas have become more crowded. In order to plan for a future where the museum can continue to accept Moapa Valley’s cultural resources, this August proceeds from the silent auction will be the initial fund raising venture for an on-site storage facility.

Unique and valuable items will be auctioned. Initial offerings include original artwork by Gig Depio, Q’Shaundra James, Ken Kaylor, Tammy Nielsen-Symons, and Janet Trobough, Native American made jewelry, Acoma pottery, and a signed photograph by Virginia Lucas. Experiences will be auctioned such as a curator or Director-led tour at the Marjorie Barrick Fine Art Museum, hands-on workshop for six with our Curator of Archaeology, admission tickets from the Mob Museum and Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Other sponsors include TravelNevada, and Lost City Museum’s Docent Council.







Fort Huachuca signed print 5/25

Fort Huachuca was a US Army outpost in Arizona founded in 1877. Rigoni depicts its historical elegance in this watercolor painting. Signed print 5/25 by Lynn Rigoni. This print is matted (white) as shown in the picture.

Valued at $125, opening bid is $100.









Hand Painted enamel pin- Q’Shaundra James

Small, hand painted enamel pin created by Q’Shaundra James. The pin is a framed portrait of a woman with large white earrings.

Valued at $45, opening bid is 40.








Buffalo Dreamer- Tammy Nielsen-Symons

Tammy Neilsen Symons depicts an Indian Chief contemplating a buffalo. This original oil painting is ready to put up on your wall in a wood frame.

Valued at $250, opening bid is $225.









Heirloom bracelet with silver leaves

This bold piece of turquoise is paired with a delicate frame. One Sterling silver leaf on each side of the pendant. This piece is at least 50 years old. Maker/artist is unknown.

Valued at $100, opening bid is $85




Gig Depio- Sabbatical in a Chicken Suit prints

Hand stamped and signed sabbatical in chicken suit prints (2015). Four available in red, blue (2), and light blue. These will be auctioned individually.

Valued at $100, bidding starts at $85




John G Clark – gouache painting by Ken Kaylor

This 5 x 7 gouache painting (2014) is the study for Ken Kaylor’s piece exhibited in the Hot & Dusty invitational. The piece is unframed and in a plastic sleeve.

Valued at $100, opening bid starts at $85.








Janet Trobough- Crows

This water color canvas has blue and purple jewel tones with a white background. Two crows, one looking down, rise out of the colors.

Valued at $125, bidding starts at $110





Heirloom turquoise ring

This turquoise is set in a solid sterling silver band. Artist/maker is unknown.

Valued at $40, opening bid is $30.






Coffee with the Director

Enjoy a coffee and a conversation with Mary Beth Timm, Museum Director, in Overton or Las Vegas.

Valued at $50, opening bid is $40.







Stone and Coral necklace

Purchased in Japan during a trip in the 1970’s, this dyed stone and coral necklace is a vintage find! Braided turquoise colored strands separate the stones.

Valued at $40, opening bid is $30.






Lost Games- Asylum Escape Room passes for 4 adults

Lost Games specializes in an immersive puzzle and escape room experience. The story, “You’ve just been admitted to Solitude Heights. Finding yourself in a 1930’s asylum, you think it’s a great start for your future recovery. However, through each room you discover the secrets hidden from the public and the patients here. What’s the doctor hiding? What are the orderlies doing? Where are the missing patients? Can you escape an isolated cell?” Visit their website to find out more:

Valued at $140, opening bid is $115.



Heirloom turquoise and coral watch band

This watch band is Sterling silver and features symmetrical turquoise and coral accents. Watch face is not included. Artist unknown.

Valued at $50, opening bid is $40




National Atomic Testing Museum- admission 4 pack

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this museum is a Smithsonian affiliate and a program of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation. The museum focuses on the story of America’s nuclear weapons testing program from the Atomic Age through the Global War on Terror. Learn more here: Adult vouchers for Nevada residents are $18 each.

Valued at $72, bids start at $58.










Do it Inverted coffee mug

Out of print coffee mug from the Howard W. Cannon aviation museum. Text says, “do it inverted,” In the center of the mug is an inverted flight dashboard with the sky at the bottom (blue) and the ground at the top (orange).

Valued at $15. Bids start at $9.







Royston turquoise bracelet

Navajo artist Verna Tahe captures the elegance of Nevada turquoise in this Royston bracelet. This rounded triangular piece showcases the brown inclusions paired with a light blue turquoise, which is a trademark of the Royston, Nevada mines.

Valued at $348. Bids start at $295.






Curator of Archaeology led tour of the Lost City Museum

 Join Curator of Archaeology, Virginia Lucas, on a private tour of the Lost City Museum. This tour features all three galleries as well as the behind-the-scenes collections areas, and you will see artifacts that are not on display for the public. Because Ms. Lucas’ research focuses on the prehistoric Moapa Valley, she will be able to provide much insight into the artifacts as well interpretations of the sites located on the museum grounds. 1-6 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $100. Bids start at $75.






Airplane heart sterling silver earrings and pin

These matched earrings and sterling silver pin are heart shaped for any seasoned traveler. The small swooping airplanes add an extra flair to these fish hook, dangling earrings. Matching pin will complete any outfit.

Valued at $45. Bids start at $30.







Bone ID Workshop

 Join Zooarchaeologist Virginia Lucas for a bone ID workshop. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to identify types of bones as well as the animals that they came from. We will also learn how bones were used as tools in the archaeological record and see examples of these tools here at the Lost City Museum. Participants can also try their hand at a bone identification quiz as well as identifying fragments of bones. Participants will also see examples of archaeological bone assemblages still needing to be identified. 1-4 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $150. Bids start at $90.





Propeller sterling silver earrings

These sterling silver earrings are perfect for any flight domestic or international!

Valued at $50. Bids start at $40.







Own a piece of aviation history

This out of print Desert Airways book from the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum is a must have for airline history enthusiasts. It tells the story of aviation history, right here in Clark County. This book is paired with a framed Bonanza airlines brochure.

Valued at $45. Bids start at $35.





Silver polish and care workshop

POLISH YOUR SILVER LIKE THEY DO IN MUSEUMS, A TWO HOUR LESSON:  Learn how to clean your silver properly.  Bring your heirloom silver flatware, plates, platters and candlesticks, even jewelry, for a museum conservator’s stability evaluation and cleaning.  All tools and equipment are provided.  Sorry, conservator does not do appraisals.  1-5 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $150.  Bids start at $100.






Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum T-Shirt and Mug

Two of these packages are available. One has an adult medium t-shirt, the other a large t-shirt. Both are paired with a travel mug for the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum. These t-shirts and mugs are not available for purchase now that the museum store has closed. This museum focuses on the history of aviation within Clark County and is located within Terminal Two of McCarran International Airport. Website:

Valued at $29. Bids start at $19.




Kingman Turquoise pendant necklace

This Navajo-made, oval Kingman turquoise pendant necklace is a bright blue turquoise with a ribbon of darker inclusion running from the top third and pools at the bottom, like a river and a lake. The bail will accommodate a larger chain. The turquoise pendant was crafted by Bernie Begay Tsosie, and it is signed “BBT.” Obsidian block not included.

Valued at $246. Bids start at $196.






Images of America Lake Mead – signed book

Erin Eichenberg, hiked, surveyed, and adventured as an archaeologist at Lake Mead National Recreation Area for eight years. This signed copy of historic images has the inscription “To Your Future Adventures at Lake Mead!” Eichenberg is now the Integrated Resources Program Manager at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument where she leads the mounted horse patrol!

Valued at $22. Bids start at $16.









Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum Kid pack

Located inside Terminal 2 of the McCarran International Airport, this museum focuses on the history of aviation within Clark County. These retro toys were available when it still had a museum store, now they are extremely hard to find. This kid pack includes toys from AirTran (a Southwest Airlines subsidiary) and a plush America West (purchased by US Airways) airplane that makes take-off sounds. The t-shirt is sized 2/4 and the cap is kid sized cap.

Valued at $75. Bids start at $60.






Two-hour private consultation with an art conservator

Perform a minor treatment on a broken ceramic object (your own or can be provided). Learn how conservators refit ceramics with modern adhesives and techniques.  All tools, adhesives, and equipment are provided.  Prior telephone contact with the Conservator before the day of your event will be necessary to prepare materials and tailor your treatment!  Sorry, conservator does not do appraisals.  1-3 participants can be accommodated.

Valued at $250.  Bids start at $200.








Kingman Turquoise Bolo

This Navajo-made bolo has a rounded triangular shape with sterling silver ends and a braided leather strap. This Kingman turquoise, originating from Kingman, Arizona, is a bright blue color with lighter inclusions. The bolo was crafted by Bernie Begay Tsosie, and it is signed “BBT.”  Halite not included

Valued at $151. Bids start at $115.









Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art- Curator or Director-led Tour- Located in University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ campus, the Marjorie Barrick Museum engages all of the public with art. Programs and exhibits focus on providing platforms for artists from backgrounds that have been historically marginalized from American art museums. Barrick Museum website

Valued at $100, opening bid starts at $75.









Protectors of Tule Springs patch and mammoth necklace

This hard to find patch was donated by the Protectors of Tule Springs national monument. The image is of a mammoth silhouette (black) in front of a mountain profile (purple) and setting sun (white and yellow). Paired with a glass mammoth necklace with 22 carat gold accents, handcrafted in the USA. Protectors of Tule Spring’s webpage

Valued at $28. Bids start at $22.





Tule Springs Fossil Bed patch and desert tortoise necklace

A roaring, orange saber toothed tiger stands on a beige rock ledge. A black eagle flies above in a blue sky and a musk ox stands on a sandy plain. This Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument patch is paired with a ceramic desert tortoise necklace. Pathfinders wildlife jewelry is handcrafted in the USA and highlights the symbology of the tortoise: adaptability, philosophy, patience, and peace.

Valued at $28. Bids start at $22.










Discovery Children’s Museum Inventor Membership

Las Vegas’ Discovery Children’s Museum places our kids first. Three entire floors are packed with heart-pumping, brain-boosting, and curiosity-quenching fun, adventure, and discovery! An inventor membership includes admission for up to four visitors, plus two free guest passes. Other membership perks include discounts on birthday experiences, summer camp registration fees, special events, workshops, and store merchandise, visit for more details.

Valued at $145. Bids start at $125.








Acoma vase- Keith Joe, Sr.

This piece is hand painted and signed by Keith Joe, Sr. Acoma pottery originates from the Acoma Puebloan Indians in New Mexico. It is known for using locally harvested clay and having very thin walls. This bowl has rounded orange and black bands arch over an orange parrot motif, infill is black stripes on a white background.

Valued at $70. Bids start at $55.







Bighorn sheep photograph signed by Virginia Lucas-

This is the original photograph printed on the new tee-shirts sold at Lost City Museum. This print is signed by Virginia Lucas, Curator of Archaeology and professional photographer.

Valued at $60. Bids start at $50.





Las Vegas Natural History Museum vouchers-

Four admission vouchers for the Las Vegas History Museum located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Museum takes guests on a journey through the ages from fossils and dinosaurs to the world’s most fantastic wildlife. Las Vegas Natural History Museum’s website

Valued at $12 each/$48. Bids start at $38.








Teardrop turquoise necklace-

Navajo made teardrop turquoise pendant. Silver backing includes decorative semi-circular, striped indentations.

Valued at $139. Bids start at $124.








Mob Museum vouchers-

Two adult admission to this local treasure located within the historic Post Office building in downtown Las Vegas. Featuring three floors of exhibits, this museum discuses organized crime’s history and impact on American Society.  Mob Museum Website

Tickets for locals are $16.95 each. Valued at $34. Bids start at $23.







Single strand fetish necklace- Hand crafted by Niel Thomas

This necklace includes fetishes of parrots, turtles, fish, foxes, ground hogs and more. Spiny oyster beads connect stone animals made of spiny oyster, serpentine, alabaster, pipe stone, and lion paw.

Valued at $119. Bids start at $105.